Insurance Schemes

Provide your members with the added benefit of a business insurance policy, whether on a referred, preferred supplier, or group scheme basis 

Insurance is an important consideration for any business. If you operate a trade association or similar organisation, arranging an insurance scheme for your members can provide a valuable benefit.


Qdos is committed to providing a flexible and innovative approach to all elements of our business, and it is crucial to understand the nuances and specific requirements of any organisation wishing to arrange an insurance scheme for the benefit its members.

Whilst all schemes will have unique elements, there are a number of core principles which generally allow our schemes to fall into two categories:


  • Preferred Supplier
  • Group Scheme


Frequently schemes may include elements of more than one of these categories, and we will always look to accommodate bespoke arrangements wherever required.


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Recruitment Agency? Streamline your risk management

Outsource your contractor policy checks with Qdos. Ensuring your contractor placements hold the necessary insurance requirements can be a time-consuming process. Get external verification of policy documents by FCA-regulated industry specialists and receive automated notifications of expiring policies.

Well over 1,000 of our members insure with Qdos every year, which goes to show our needs have been extremely well met – we have no hesitation in recommending that any professional association consider Qdos as an insurance partner.

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Preferred Supplier

This is generally the ‘lightest touch’ basis on which an insurance scheme can be arranged. As a preferred supplier, Qdos are able to offer discounts to members of your organisation, and/or commission to you.

By promoting Qdos as a preferred supplier, you are able to assist your members in finding suitable insurance, whilst maintaining a distance and independence.

Like all Qdos schemes, focus will typically be on online delivery, with bespoke reporting to keep you abreast of the members utilising the scheme. Qdos remain responsible for all client-interaction – binding cover, collecting premium, issuing documents, and answering queries.

Typically most suitable for organisations where:

  • Premium is paid by the members directly

  • Members are likely to have more diverse insurance requirements

  • There is a desire to be impartial and maintain a degree of separation between the organisation and the provision of insurance


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Group Scheme

Many organisations will choose to offer insurance directly to members – i.e. rather than compelling the member to purchase insurance from a preferred supplier or white label, the organisation themselves arrange cover.


Group schemes can operate on an optional or compulsory basis, and can be administered by a variety of means. Qdos will work with you to ensure that your scheme is operated efficiently and compliantly.


A group scheme gives the highest level of control to the scheme operator, allowing them to manage who benefits from the scheme, and maintain complete records of the level and type of cover held by members.


In general, due to the higher volume of insured parties, group schemes typically offer the largest discounts on insurance premiums, and therefore the most preferential rates for members.


Typically most suitable for organisations where:


  • Insurance is mandatory for members

  • The organisation wishes to monitor members’ insurance arrangements


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Why Qdos?
Self-employment is our everything. In fact, we’ve been specialists in the industry since 1988.

We’re business insurance and employment status enthusiasts. We get a kick out of simplifying the complex world of compliance so you don’t have to.
All of our policies include the following as standard:
A dedicated Account Manager
We'll never pass you around a call centre
Online account for 24/7 access
Manage your policies at a time that suits you
Free IR35 Contract Assessment
Because IR35 compliance starts with the written contract

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