Recruitment Professional Indemnity Insurance

Mistakes happen, we get it. Protect your business against costly allegations with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What is Recruitment Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Recruitment Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance will cover circumstances where a negligent error or omission on your part is alleged to have caused a financial loss to a third party. As standard, the policy will cover the cost of defending such a claim, as well as the amount of any damages awarded to the third party in the event that such defence is unsuccessful.

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Recruitment Indemnity Cover

As with all professions, recruiters are expected to operate with professionalism and diligence. However, even where suitable safeguarding and quality control measures have been taken, mistakes can still happen. If that mistake causes a financial loss to a third party (or a third party simply alleges a mistake to have been made) the cost of simply defending such a claim alone can be extremely high. PI insurance protects against this eventuality and provides valuable security to your business.


Qdos’ Recruitment PI insurance has also been enhanced to cover a variety of cyber risks including data protection defence and hacker damage. This important added cover provides additional peace of mind in an environment where cyber risks are increasingly prevalent.


It's important to note that our online policy doesn't provide cover for vicarious liability. If you're responsible for the errors or omissions of the workers you place, please complete the proposal form provided below and submit to [email protected] for a bespoke quotation.

What does Recruitment PI cover?

Cyber Risks
Includes cover for data protection and hacker damage
Libel and Slander
If you produce or support a false statement about a third party
Professional Negligence
If you breach the duty of care you owe your clients
Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality
If you accidentally share private information without permission
Unintentional Intellectual Property Infringements
If you accidentally reproduce or distribute your client’s IP without permission

Vicarious Liability

Put simply, vicarious liability describes circumstances where one party takes responsibility for the actions of another.


One of the most common examples is an employer’s liability for the actions of their employees. This is particularly relevant for the recruitment sector where the ultimate employer may not be clear-cut.


In many cases, contracts between the parties in the supply chain will aim to clarify the matter of vicarious liability. This means that even where there is no employer/employee relationship created by the nature of the engagement, a recruitment company may still be vicariously liable for the actions of the workers they have placed.


For obvious reasons, where a recruitment agent is vicariously liable for the actions of the workers, there is a greater exposure to claims under Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. Therefore, it's crucial to take the time to understand the nature of the cover you require, and the adequacy of the insurance you have in place.


Whilst our online product is designed for firms who don't have any exposure to vicarious liability, if you need more comprehensive cover, get in touch with our expert team for a tailored quote.

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Tailored cover 

We can arrange bespoke cover directly for:


  • Umbrella companies
  • Firms providing self-employed CIS workers
  • Recruitment agencies with turnover in excess of £2.5 million
  • Any recruitment companies that accept vicarious liability for the actions of the workers they place
  • Recruitment businesses that offer additional services to their clients

Download a proposal form below and send to [email protected]

Why Qdos?

Qdos has specialised in contractor insurance for over two decades, and have worked closely with numerous recruitment agencies and umbrella companies to deliver tailored offerings in this time.

As a subsidiary of Tokio Marine HCC, our unique positioning in the market enables us to provide businesses with a personal and tailored service but with the backing of a global insurer.

With Qdos you benefit from:
Bespoke solutions
We tailor our services to the specific needs of your organisation
Trusted insurance provider
We’re part of leading specialty insurance group, Tokio Marine HCC
Excellence in compliance
We didn’t win the Queen’s Award for Innovation for nothing!

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