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We make tax compliance easy to understand. We offer a varied range of training packages that can be tailored to match the needs of your business and give you that peace of mind feeling.

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We offer a range of training packages that can be tailored to match the needs of your business. This training focuses on getting you up to speed with current legislation, enabling you to advise your clients with confidence.

We give you the tools to succeed and grow your business with that added peace of mind.

Training packages

IR35 and Off-Payroll Working
Anything and everything IR35. From assessing status to overseas working.
Onshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation
Learn the nuances that come with engaging sole traders as an intermediary, including SDC.
Outsource MSP
Learn the difference between a genuine outsourced service and provision of labour, so you can confidently identify MSPs.
Employment Status
Consider the employment status of your sole traders and find out the impact engaging sole traders has on your tax liability.
SDC (Supervision, Direction, or Control)
Get a solid grasp of this concept found in IR35, the Agency Legislation, and false self-employment.
Section 660a
Increase your understanding of these intricate rules designed to prevent contractors from passing income to family members with lower tax rates.
24-Month Rule
Grasp this specific rule for contractors claiming travel expenses, including stipulations that go beyond the 24-month rule.
Legislative Change and Budget Updates
Keep up-to-date with any changes in legislation impacting the hiring and placing of contingent labour.
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Training services for off-payroll working

"Robust training is the foundation to successfully implement the principles [of the guidelines]" according to HMRC's best practice guidelines for complying with the off-payroll working rules. Knowledge and understanding of IR35 and the off-payroll rules across your organisation help ensure the appropriate hiring of contractors, and consistent status determinations across departments and roles.

Qdos training services are tailored to the needs of your organisation and can include all recommended topics as per HMRC's Guidelines for Compliance (GfC):


  • pre-engagement and onboarding considerations
  • contracted out services
  • IR35 status tests (employment status principles/indicators)
  • Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST)
  • responsibilities and obligations
  • blanket determinations
  • role assessments
  • Status Determination Statements
  • deemed payments
  • the client-led disagreement process
  • audits and record-keeping

This training can be provided to all relevant staff such as hiring managers, recruiters, procurement, and HR teams. Get in touch today to arrange your training sessions.

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