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Our team make us who we are! Meet the people behind Qdos working to help you get that peace of mind feeling.
Insurance and tax doesn’t have to be boring; our team certainly aren’t! We work hard to provide the best for our customers but we have fun whilst doing it.

Out of our home in rural Leicestershire, the Qdos team provide award-winning service to over 100,000 contractors, freelancers, and engagers. Meet the people behind it all below!
Seb Maley and his dog Rex

Our CEO, Seb Maley

Seb Maley is the Qdos CEO. An icon (so he says) of the contracting industry, Seb has been with Qdos for over 20 years. He has certainly seen it all.

Seb has first-hand experience with assessing status and handling IR35 enquiries, and is passionate about fair treatment of the self-employed.

Having lived and breathed the contracting industry for two decades, Seb is often sought out as a commentator on all things self-employment, featuring in numerous national news publications on key topics, including the Financial Times and the Telegraph.

Insuring your business never felt so good

Our insurance and customer service team make sure you get the best products for your business, and they do it with style.

The team at Qdos are also supported by a whole bunch of Tokio Marine HCC underwriters, giving you the best products for your business with the personal service you know and love.

Our award-winning customer service structure means every single customer is assigned their very own account manager (you may recognise yours below!) to handle renewals and any queries you have in the year.  No long call queues and no being passed from pillar to post. Speak to the same person every time and get the support you need when you need it.

Meet the insurance & customer service team

Nicole Slowey
Elliot Fox
Danielle Bates
Stephanie Saunt
Rebecca Hull
Hannah Roberts
Kuljeet Kaur

No tax worries with Qdos

Our consultancy team know IR35 inside and out (no pun intended) and all work tirelessly to deliver the best service for our customers.

This is the brains of the building, sharing the expertise and knowledge that has made Qdos what it is today.

Our consultancy team will make sure you get the right advice at the right time, and will take the time to help you understand it. Tax doesn’t have to be boring; our team certainly aren’t!

Nigel Nordone

Our Head of Tax, Nigel Nordone

Nigel Nordone is the charismatic Head of Tax at Qdos, leading our team of IR35 consultants to deliver the best in compliance.

Nigel’s a former HMRC Inspector of Taxes specialising in IR35, tax investigations, status, PAYE, and employer compliance. He has first-hand experience into HMRC’s handling of enquiries, and has personally represented hundreds of clients who have been under IR35 enquiry over the past two decades.

He shares his knowledge through countless workshops and seminars in relation to IR35 and employment status, and is a champion for fair treatment when it comes to tax.

Meet the IR35 consultancy team

Summer Hamilton
Kieran Firmstone
Alice Hobbs
Ankita Mistry
Becci Walker
Emily Wright
Sarah Ingram
Leticia Ponticelli

Your organisation is in good hands

Our commercial services team make sure engagers get the tools and advice they need to engage contractors and freelancers compliantly. This team helps businesses to not just benefit from flexible working, but to thrive from it. With decades of experience within the recruitment industry and insurance expertise to boot, this team is exactly what your business needs.

Meet the commercial services team

Sam Cox
Dominic Johns
Joe Charity
Rhianne Hunter
George Marsden
Sadie Hubbard-Robson
Salleh Chowdhury

From compliance to marketing, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes

Little noise but big impact! Our team of compliance, operations, marketing, IT, and legal professionals keep the engine running. And these go-getters only skim the surface! As part of Tokio Marine HCC, our network of supporting experts runs deep.

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