Engineering Contractor Insurance

We can help you get up to speed with insurance for engineering contractors, no worries.

Insurance for engineering contractors

Our insurance is designed with engineering contractors in mind, this includes contractors who provide a variety of engineering functions to a client on a contract basis, for example:

  • Aeronautical Engineers
  • Automotive Engineers
  • CAD Engineers
  • Draughtsmen
  • Telecommunications Engineers
Limited company contractor

Do I need business insurance as an engineering contractor?

Although engineering contractor insurance is not mandatory for registration with the Engineering Council, many engineering contracts require you to have a minimum level of contractor insurance cover before you can take on the role.

If this is the case, securing the right level of engineering contractor insurance cover can be completed conveniently and swiftly over the phone or online.

What to consider when choosing engineering contractor insurance

  • If you are providing engineering services offshore in the energy sector, you will need to select the relevant Energy Sector (Offshore/Site) trade category in order to be covered by your insurance.

  • Your end client or agency may expect a particular level of indemnity from your cover, so you should check any contractual requirements.

  • Engineering contractors can typically work anywhere in the world, so it is important you update your contractor insurance provider if you’re planning to work abroad. For example, contracting in North America is likely to require an additional contractor insurance premium, because of the sometimes litigious nature of engineering clients in the region.

  • The exact type of contractor insurance cover you can purchase, the exclusions and premiums will depend on your area of engineering and projects. If you are an office-based CAD technician requiring cover of only £1m, then your premium and exclusions in your policy documentation will reflect the relatively lower risk you face.

  • If you are not the sole employee of your business, even if you simply hire a spouse to do the books, you may be legally obliged to hold employers’ liability insurance.
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