IR35 Audit

Is your organisation compliant with the off-payroll working rules? Let’s find out.

What is an IR35 Audit?

An IR35 Audit will help you ensure your organisation’s compliance with the off-payroll working rules. We’ll complete an in-depth review of your business operations in relation to the hiring of contractors under the IR35 legislation.

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Suitable for recruitment agencies, hiring organisations, and consultancies, an IR35 Audit will help your organisation ensure compliance with the off-payroll rules (IR35 reform).

Complying with the IR35 legislation can be a challenging project, especially where a business engages high volumes of contract workers. The IR35 Audit provides an in-depth review of your current contracting workforce, onboarding processes, contractual agreements, and supply chain; all wrapped up in an in-depth review undertaken by our senior IR35 experts. 

With an IR35 Audit and a regularly scheduled Audit Refresher in place, you can be confident that your business processes are compliant with the IR35 legislation and needn’t miss out on any of the best flexible talent that only the UK contractor market has to offer.

What does an IR35 Audit include?

IR35 Status Assessments
We’ll assess your contractor workforce for IR35 status
Outsourced Services Review
We’ll review your use of suppliers for outsourced service arrangements
Onboarding Process Review
A review of your onboarding processes and process documentation
We’ll provide recommendations and practical solutions for the whole supply chain
Contractual Agreement Review
We’ll review your contract agreements with contractors & suppliers
Ongoing Advice
We’ll walk you through your results and support discussions in your business
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Refresh your compliance

Already had an IR35 Audit? You might be needing an Audit Refresh.

An Audit Refresh reviews the findings from your first audit and assesses changes made following our recommendations. We’ll check to see if you’ve sufficiently updated your processes and look for any new issues which might have cropped up since.

  • Review of any changes made

  • Assess the impact of any recommendations you haven’t acted upon

  • Review of any managed service providers

  • Updated report to demonstrate your continued compliance activity

If you’ve previously had an audit completed by another provider, we can review that too. Simply get in touch with our team.


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Orion has a long history of working with Qdos on IR35 matters. With provision of an easy to use interface and realistic response timelines, Orion has been delighted with the services provided by Qdos, who has carried out many IR35 assessments and implemented a range of solutions for various clients.

Ross MacRae
Why Qdos?
We’re leading experts on employment status, introducing the first compliance tool for the off-payroll working rules (IR35 reform).

Our knowledge and experience of IR35 and the  contracting industry simply can’t be beaten.
With Qdos commercial services, you benefit from:
Bespoke solutions
We tailor our services to the specific needs of your organisation
Trusted insurance provider
We’re part of leading specialty insurance group, Tokio Marine HCC
Excellence in compliance
We didn’t win the Queen’s Award for Innovation for nothing!
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Meet our experts
Nigel Nordone
Nigel Nordone is the Head of Tax at Qdos, after working for HMRC for over 20 years as a tax inspector. We’ve decided to forgive him for this little transgression as his knowledge of how HMRC handle enquiries and compliance checks is really beneficial for both Qdos and our clients. Nigel specialises in employment status and has personally represented hundreds of clients who have been subject to a HMRC IR35/employment status enquiry.

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