IR35 Case Studies

We know it’s not enough just to tell you that we’ve cracked IR35, so here’s some proof.

IR35 case studies and case law

We’ve been defending contractors in IR35 enquiries since the legislation was introduced in 2000.

With over 1,600 successfully defended enquiries under our belt, we’re one of the most experienced advisors on IR35 status. Whilst an enquiry of any duration can be stressful, at Qdos, our consultants always try to close an enquiry as early as possible, avoiding the stress and uncertainty which comes with a case that goes to tribunal.

Below you’ll find some examples of cases completed by Qdos, providing you with first-hand accounts and experiences of an enquiry. If the case didn’t go to tribunal and therefore the details aren’t publicly available, we have generalised the specifics (e.g. name of contractor) out of respect for our clients.

You’ll also find a number of case studies which weren’t completed by Qdos, giving you a wider picture of the history and application of IR35 case law.

With case studies spanning from both before and after IR35 reform, we made it our mission to help this industry continue to engage flexible workers and this mission is just as important after IR35 reform as it was before.

We continue to help our customers on both sides of the industry, whether they be contractors working with small end clients, contractors at risk of retrospective enquiry, or larger businesses coming to terms with the new rules under IR35 reform.

Because of the wide reaching impact of IR35, our case studies span both the self employed and those that engage them.

Contractor IR35 Case Studies

We’ve saved over an estimated £35million in tax for contractors through over 1,600 IR35 enquiries.

Let’s cut to the chase and show you what we mean. Here are some examples of just a handful of the cases we’ve worked on for our customers.

The right support at the right time can stop a case from even getting to tribunal

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Tackling IR35 reform

IR35 reform brought with it new challenges for engagers of contractors. With new responsibilities to meet and new guidelines to follow, preparing for reform early proved the way to go.

We used our 20+ years of experience in IR35 to help over 2,800 businesses to fairly and compliantly assess their workers. Part of this involves the use of our ground-breaking Status Review system, a complete compliance service provided via an online portal for both the public and private sector.

Find out below how some of our clients managed the off-payroll working rules.

Know your IR35 case law

IR35 is based off historic case law. This means that previous IR35 cases have set the standard for how IR35 is dealt with today. Because of this, having an understanding of the cases that set out the main status tests we use to determine IR35 would be a great helping hand in your compliance journey.

Who are Qdos?
IR35 is our specialist subject. We don't just talk about it, we live it. With over 23 years of experience handling over 1,600 enquiries and over 150,000 status determinations, Qdos provide one of the most trusted opinions on IR35.
We're the leading IR35 experts for good reason:
The UK's most trusted opinion on status
We’ve assessed 150,000+ contracts and working practices
Over 23 years of experience
Estimated £35million in tax saved on behalf of contractors
Excellence in compliance
We didn’t win the Queen’s Award for Innovation for nothing!

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